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My life and career were forever changed for the positive when I met John Groom more than twenty years ago. I quickly seized the fact that John was no ordinary CPA. His roadmap and patient teaching led me (except at times when my stubborness won out) to develop a mindset and the ability to leverage my skills and and assets so that I no longer am a slave to my dental practice (unlike most other professional practice owners).

As a result, today I have completely transitioned out of being the ‘doer’ of the business to the ‘marketer’ of the business. I am free from a daily schedule, employee management and liability, and insurance regulation. I have more time for family and friends and helping dentists and other professioinals find their way to ultimate freedom just as John helped me to do.

David Phelps
Dallas, Texas


…on John Groom

After acknowledging his superior skills and nonpareil expertise with tax strategies, business structures and life philosophy, here is all you need to know about John Groom:

when you are ducking incoming, all around you is bloody and you fear that you will never see another dawn, John is unquestionably the best and only man that you want with you in that foxhole if you are certain that you want to see another day.

And if you are a little bit smart, you will bring him in as your closest advisor long before the shooting starts, as it always does, so that he can help you stay out of the minefields to begin with.

I have had the privilege of knowing John and having him as my friend, trusted advisor and accountant for my real estate and mortgage businesses for almost three decades. The angels were looking out for me the day I met John Groom.

Michael Ira Meeker

St. Petersburg, Florida




Manager at Able Property Co

John is a creative problem solver and has counseled me on unique strategies that I use in my real estate investments and 1031 exchange facilitator business. He has achieved outstanding audit results some of my clients and friends



John thanks for completing as quick as you did. I will review over the week. In the near future I will be contacting you regarding planning and trying to understand my tax liability for next year. I really want to realize what our burden may be, if any. Thanks again! Your advice and counsel is some of the best that I have had access to!

Matt F.
Tampa FL
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