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Many of the people I work with are involved in real estate. Real estate transactions tend to be more complicated, especially now that the days of easy bank loans are gone. Today, real estate investors find themselves in situations that might involve leases, options, contracts for sale, options for beneficial interests, lease-options, “walking” (substituting) the collateral on a note, tax-deferred Section 1031 exchanges, buying or selling existing notes, etc., etc. I have experience in these areas and can generally explain how others have handled situations similar to yours. My knowledge comes from years of working with active investors, etc., plus learning whenever possible from various experts in their niches.

If you are interested in learning more about how the pros do their deals, there are a few truly excellent instructors and mastermind group leaders out there who have had great success doing what they teach. Do your own background checks, but get the instruction and coaching.  It can save you decades in how long it takes you to reach your financial goals.

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