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The people I work with tend to have most of the following in common:

  • In charge with absolute ability to say yes. Once they make a decision, there’s no one else to convince.
  • Have proven track records that speak for themselves.
  • Want to develop in house behind-the-scenes support and processes so they can move things to the next level. Owning the business gives them options that few others have on how they structure the deals, their finances and their organizations.
  • Realize future growth requires the ability to safely scale. To some, that means putting systems in place that free up time for more important things. To others, it is deconstructing the “magic” of what they do so that we can multiply it many times over.
  • Want up to date internally generated numbers and performance indicators in order to make the best possible decisions every day.
  • Don’t care about typical CPA office trappings – the mahogany paneled office, the oak conference table, etc. The people I deal with are fast movers; almost all of our communications are virtual. This higher-tech approach is what allows me to give the level of service I provide.

Business owners like the above are a rare breed — but great fun to work with when the situations are just right.

If this (admittedly different) team approach might fit what you are doing, let me know. Send two years of tax returns (business and personal) along with a brief overview of your situation, and we will go from there.

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