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Tax Returns

Tax returns are where the planning rubber meets the road. Get tax returns that are done on purpose, not by surprise nine months after the year ends.

    Business & Transaction Structuring

    Set up your business structures and transactions in ways that postpone, reduce or even eliminate income taxes. Learn why so many of the rich pay little or no income taxes and how you can, too.

      Coaching & Empire Building

      Stop just making money and start getting rich. Develop the skills those who have "made it" use to quickly build their own little real estate empire that's ready for them when they're ready for it.

        “If you need to meet in a mahogany paneled office with a rubber tree
        plant, go play somewhere else” – John Groom

        Hello, I’m John Groom

        Hello, I’m John Groom, a personal accountant and adviser to entrepreneurs and active investors who are good at what they do who want to get even better. Most of them already run their own show, usually without the support (or distractions) of various CFO’s, COO’s, CIO’s, or assorted VPs. For that kind of input they call me.

        Over time, I learn more and more about their businesses and financial situations, and at the same time they learn more and more about the organizational, tax, title and contract law issues that apply to what they do. This usually lets us:

        • Vitor Belfort in Dallas Vitor Belfort in Dallas
        • Gigging on Blues Cruise Gigging on Blues Cruise
        • Defensive Tactics Teacher Defensive Tactics Teacher
        • Getting Ready to Speak Getting Ready to Speak
        • Training with Steve Maxwell Training with Steve Maxwell
        • Family with Herbie Mann Family with Herbie Mann
        • 1st Venture Capital Deal 1st Venture Capital Deal
        • Mean Mastiff Guard Dog Mean Mastiff Guard Dog
        • Tony at IRS "interview" Tony at IRS "interview"
        • Forrest Griffin at Couture Gym Forrest Griffin at Couture Gym
        • World's Most Interesting? World's Most Interesting?
        • Blues Cruise Playing Flute Blues Cruise Playing Flute
        • Jeff Sexton Loves Cactus Jeff Sexton Loves Cactus
        • Warrior Man-Cave Warrior Man-Cave
        • Chris Maddock Racing in Baja Chris Maddock Racing in Baja
        • 93 yr Old Mom Still Rocks 93 yr Old Mom Still Rocks
        • Texas Mailbox Bashing - 12g Texas Mailbox Bashing - 12g
        • Chael Sonnen after Silva Fight Chael Sonnen after Silva Fight
        • Spencer Bike Racing School Spencer Bike Racing School
        • Training w Kettlebells Training w Kettlebells
        • B4 Sparring with Tony B4 Sparring with Tony
        • After Sparring with Tony After Sparring with Tony
        • Training in Las Vegas Training in Las Vegas
        • Favorite London Client Favorite London Client

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